God’s Window, Mpumalanga

Imagine looking down a 700m plunge, beholding some of the most beautiful natural scenery that South Africa has to offer.

God’s Window is situated in the midst of the Lowveld’s natural wonderland – within the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve. God’s Window is so-called for the breath-taking panoramic views offered of the Lowveld. Views that are comparable to none. Views that speak to your inner happiness and soothe the soul – we all need a bit of time spent in nature every now and then.

The God's Window Experience

High up in the canyon, listen to the sounds of water trickling through the cliffs, the wind whispering softly and the cheerful songs of sunbirds and other happy inhabitants.

The God's Window Experience

Notice the changing fragrances in the air, as you move along the different routes, and explore aloe flowers and many types of vegetation.

The God's Window Experience

Once you’ve made your way to the top. Take a moment to truly take in the view.

The rainforest. The gorges and escarpment. The absolute beauty of nature. Being surrounded by, enveloped in, and finding joy in the wonder of this beautiful place.

The God’s Window experience is sure to leave you in awe, inspired and renewed.

The God's Window Experience

When Visiting God’s Window…

  • Go early – the best views are in the morning (a sunny day doesn’t guarantee good viewing so keep an eye on the weather)
  • Entrance is R10 pp
  • The trail is an intermediate difficulty level, as it is quite a steep and strenuous walk to the viewpoints and there are paths with steps
  • Follow the signs that say “Rain forest” to get to the top and enjoy the best views
  • Explore as many viewpoints as you can – the paths leading to the viewpoints offer a vast diversity of plants and trees
  • Wear comfortable shoes that have good grip
  • Bring a pair of binoculars
The God's Window Experience

So the next time you head to Mpumalanga or pass by en-route, be sure to explore God’s Window.

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