Yes, Durban!

The place you’ve visited so many times is filled with hidden gems, quirky and beautiful sights to see, and unique experiences that you have yet to explore!

Did you know, Durban is not only known for its beautiful beaches? Adventure, adrenaline, scenery, culture, history, wildlife, marine life, sports, events, natural attractions and museums; are all major pull factors that keep tourists flocking to Durban all year-round.

Do you have a Durban Bucket List?

Durban Bucket List

In typical South African fashion, we like to head down to the beach from time to time. But sometimes, we just don’t get to see the sea often enough. That’s why you need a Durban bucket list!

These are just some of the things that have to be explored. Add to it, make it your own, and have an absolute blast on your next Durban trip.

1. Helicopter Rides
Durban Bucket List Helicopter Rides

Sit back, relax and enjoy a scenic flight over the Durban coastline, Umhlanga lagoon or Umgeni River. Sky Adventures are the experts who will hook you up with this once in a lifetime experience. Choose from various packages and tours.

2. Surfing Lessons / Paddle Boarding Lessons
Durban Bucket List paddleboard

Don’t worry about a kit, or a wetsuit, or anything like that. Xpression on the Beach will ensure that you are equipped and informed, and out on the water in no time. Their top priority is to ensure that you are safe and having fun. Tip: get a surfing loyalty card and your 5th lesson will be free (trust us when we say, you’ll be back for more). Paddle-boarding requires only one lesson. From there, you can hire a board and hit the water anytime you feel like it.

3. Cycle Tour
Durban Bucket List Xpression on the Beach Cycle Tours

Once again, Xpression on the Beach is making sure beach-goers are having a whale of a time. An ID or driver’s license is required as a deposit. You choose where you will go! If you head north, you can enjoy a 6 km scenic cycle, or if you’re up for a longer scenic ride, a 12km round trip on the well-maintained pavement routes is ideal.

4. Rainbow Trees and Living Fossils
Durban Bucket List Rainbow Tree Eucalyptus deglupta

The Durban National Botanical Gardens is free to visit! If the impressive cycads – the oldest living seed plants, also sometimes referred to as the oldest ‘living fossils’ –  doesn’t tickle your fancy, then the sighting of a Gum Rainbow Eucalyptus is sure to do just that. Have you ever seen one, up close and personal? Get ready to be amazed by nature, and visit the Gardens.

5.Watch a Game at the ‘Shark Tank’
Durban Bucket List Mr. Price Kings Park Sharks Game

When in Durban, you’re in Shark country. Even if you’re a Bulls fan or Stormers’ supporter, put on some red and black and go watch a Shark’s game at the Mr. Price Kings Park, known to locals as the ‘Shark Tank’. The action on the field is fast and furious, with spirits high and die-hard supporters around every corner.

6. No ways! A chocolate, wait what?!
Durban Bucket List The Cacao Chocolate Bar

At Gateway Shopping Centre, lies a dangerously irresistible bar. It’s not the type of bar you think it is. It’s worse… The Cacao Chocolate Bar! Deluxe waffles, fondues, Belgium chocolate. Enough said.

7. The Tallest Swing in the World
Durban Bucket List moses mabhida tallest swing

At 88 metres tall, the swing at Moses Mabhida Stadium is the tallest swing in the world. If adrenaline is what you’re after, you’ll find what you’re looking for – and then some.

8. Outdoor Movie Screening
Durban Bucket List outdoor movie

There’s nothing better than being outdoors, relaxing, the refreshing breeze on your shoulders and a good ol’ movie night. From time to time, the Durban National Botanical Gardens and other parks host open air movie screenings. Weekly screenings take place at Galleria Centre in Amanzimtoti, which is a short drive from Durban. Keep a lookout for events the next time you visit Durban.

9. An Indian Culture Extravaganza
Durban Bucket List Victoria Street Market

Explore the Victoria Street Market to get a true taste of India. Stalls offer delicious snacks and meals, but the shopping experience is what makes this such a unique flea market in South Africa. Shopping highlights include: spices, fresh goods, fashion accessories, trinkets, books and more. The market is seasonal, so make sure it’s open when you’re planning to go.

10. Ushaka Marine World
Durban Bucket List Ushaka Marine World

This is one of those bucket list items that stay on your list. One visit isn’t enough. Ushaka offers dive courses, ocean adventures, sea-animal encounters, a massive theme park, restaurants, entertainment and more. Be sure to leave this one on your Durban bucket list forever.

And remember…

Always keep a little beach day in your heart…

Durban Bucket List

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