As we are starting to get ready for the great holiday migration, here are some handy travel tips:


  1. Boost your immune system before you leave with lots of water, sleep and vitamins to help protect you from illness.
  2. Book an extra day off work and don’t make plans so you have time to relax, do laundry and catch up on everything at home when you return.


  1. Use a packing checklist
  2. Roll don’t fold. This saves space and time
  3. Cover your shoes with a shower cap to protect your clothes from dirt
  4. LEAK-PROOF BOTTLES: Before you pack, take the lids off liquid cosmetics and cover the top with cling film, then do the lid up tightly over the top. This prevents any annoying leaks
  5. Put your breakables, like perfume, in a sock
  6. Pack an empty tote bag for your laundry


  1. Turn a cereal container into a trash can for your car when on road trips
  2. DIY ice pack: Saturate a sponge, place in a bag and freeze. This method also ensures it won’t drip everywhere when it melts
  3. Use soap to soothe an insect bite; rub it on the bite and leave it to dry
  4. If you forget the wall plug-in for your phone charger, check the back of your hotel TV. There might be a USB port
  5. Going on a flight? Choose luggage with a distinctive pattern or colour to easily identify your luggage