It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed with all the things going on in the world currently, especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, or perhaps your work-life balance might be out of whack. We get that it’s not always easy to deviate from your daily routine and to just step away for a quick getaway, but you might want to consider it due to the many health benefits to taking time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Health benefits of taking a vacation

Several studies have shown that taking a vacation can have psychological and physical health benefits. It’s even more important than ever before to look after your health, especially during these times. Enjoying a much-needed breakaway once or twice a year will not only reduce stress levels but also lower your risk of heart disease. The state of being totally relaxed and experiencing holiday bliss will not only better your outlook on life, but also help to motivate you to achieve your goals. If you still need convincing, what if we told you that with LVC’s Bonus Breaks deals, you would not only improve your psychological and physical health but also help those in need!

The Cause

African Blessing is a Non-Profit Company and a Public Benefit Organisation based in Rustfontein, the African Blessings’ Farm, near Bronkhorstspruit.

Did you know that LVC donates R99 to African Blessings with every booking made? This means that when you go on a much-needed break, not only will your overall health and outlook on life benefit from it, but you will also contribute to the various focus areas of this Non-profit Organisation.


African Blessings’ Focus Areas

The R99 donation, with every EXTRAordinary booking, contributes to the various focus areas of this NPO to help them to assist those around them. This includes the neighbouring communities, animals, as well as the conservation of the environment. A few of these focus areas include:

  • Jochebed Childrens’ Village – An initiative focused on providing a home for orphaned or abandoned children, including guardianship, a safe home and environment, as well as education.
  • Food Gardens – The primary purpose of these food gardens is to encourage and provide a means for sustainable food security for the surrounding communities that African Blessings serves.
  • The Sanctuary – The primary goal with the Sanctuary is making a difference in the lives of domesticated animals of the neighbouring communities by assisting and providing them with basic medical care, dipping, de-worming, feeding and sterilisation.

Read more about African Blessings’ focus areas here.

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